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On 24th of August we will be celebrating another
anniversary of Bevog brewery and more
than 80 craft beers from 15 top international craft
breweries will be up for tasting.
The festival will start at 12.00 and end at 24.00.
Nothing goes better with beer than cool
music, delicious food and a good debate, so be
ready for some awesome bands and performances and
fresh local food !

The Bevog brewery is located in
southern Austria, close to slovenian
border and near the beautiful town of
Bad Radkersburg, which is just a couple
of hours away from major cities like
Vienna, Graz, Budapest, Bratislava,
Ljubljana or Zagreb. Plan your trip with
GOOGLE MAPS and please think about
group rides, accomodations and taxis,
because beer and a steering wheel don't
mix well.
15 top breweries will have their beers up for
tasting at the WCFB festival. Alltogether
you will be able to taste more than 80
The mighty Beer list will be revealed soon..

Bakunin brewery Russia
Beerbliotek Sweden
Bierol Austria
Crak Italy
Dois Corvos Portugal
Dry&Bitter Denmark
Frau Gruber Germany
Freugeist Bierkultur Germany
Lervig Norway
Mad Scientist Hungary
Piggy Brewing France
Reservoir Dogs Slovenia
Strassenbräu Germany
Stu Mostow Poland
Tanker Estonia
Bevog Austria

You can also bring your CRAFT(!) beer
or homebrew (max 5 pieces) to the
festival, where you can exchange and
share them with other brewers and
visitors. For our youngest ones, we’ll have a
cool kids corner, where they can
even get tatoos! Under supervision,
of course, so you can have all the
fun at tasting beers.
We are surrounded by beautiful
nature, so it might be a good idea
not to drive drunk and pick up your
car the other day and enjoy the


Big kids corner, great bands
and amazing street performances
are awaiting you around and
under a huge circus tent.
So bring your good vibes and
get ready to have fun with:

Cirkus Čupakabra (Slo)
Beer Joga (Slo)
Lokus Pokus (Boštjan Imenšek) (Slo)
Naked Truckers (Hun)
Buena Banda (At)
Happy Ol McWeasel (Slo)
More to be announced


We will homebrew on the festival again. You can
bring your CRAFT beer or homebrew (max 5
pieces) to the festival but we ask you to be careful
with the bottles and packaging. You can exchange
these bottles / cans with other participants of the
festival or you can of course share them with
others. Please throw empty cans, bottles... into
the trash. We ask for fair and decent behavior
towards all the festival visitors, so come and find
new friends.
We will not serve alcohol to younger than 16 years
of age. There will be non-alcoholic beverages
Parking will be available around the brewery, but as
mentioned before, we really ask you not to drive
drunk, please pick up your car the next day.